Huge Scrapbook 20 x 25

Huge Scrapbooks – 20″ x 25″

  This is our largest scrapbook ever.   This scrapbook will hold a whole newspaper page!   Why on earth would people need that large of an album?   Here are the most common types of people who purchase these scrapbooks. Museums – These books are archival, so the old historical and very valuable newspapers are safer in our Huge Scrapbooks.  Once those old newspapers are gone, all the historic articles are gone.  So we need to protect them. Schools – All schools have special classes, or teams, or projects that end up in the newspaper.  How nice to be able to keep the newspaper page intact, instead of clipping out little articles that are harder to read and get lost in the shuffle.  Schools usually place the open albums in a display case open to the newest pages. Fire departments – Many fire departments keep an archive of local newspaper articles featuring their work in saving buildings, properties and lives.  All those special moments are kept safe with our acid free pages. Politicians – Lots of space in the newspapers is given to primaries, political rallies, speeches and such.  Many governors like to have them saved for posterity. Sports teams – The big football teams have purchased many of these albums to save articles and whole pages devoted to their games and players. Families – You wouldn’t think that a family would have space to display such a huge album, but many of our customers store their family photos in them.  One set of grandparents saved all the large photos (8×10 and larger) of the grandchildren in the book because of having no wall to display them all.  What a nice family reunion day to sit and browse old family photos together!   We have even customized several of them for families. So, these oversized albums are more useful that many of us might think.  Perhaps you have large photos, artwork, newspaper articles or such that need to be saved and stored in an archival album…… here is the page to purchase your own Huge Scrapbook! And if you want it customized, please email us for more information.
Examples of huge custom albums: Gods%20Greatest%20Gifts%20Album  green patchwork Save Save


  1. I LOVE your HUGE Scrapbook Albums! I highly recommend ordering from this site! We have had excellent service and lots of fun creating and filling the huge albums with momentos from our fire department! Thank you so much for carrying the huge scrapbooks and your kind service! We just place another order today!

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