How to Order your custom photo album

How to order your customized photo album!

If you have an idea of what you want on your customized photo album or scrapbook then lets get started! Otherwise you can head on over to our ready to order pre-customized albums or our past customer albums for some idea’s on how to customize yours.
  1. You may want to browse through several sections in our Custom Albums section for ideas and to compare. When you decide on the custom fabric you want, place it in the shopping cart.
  2. Next pick your Album or Scrapbook from the pull down menu. This list is somewhat limited, so if you don’t find what you like visit our Album or Scrapbook sections in our Store to see if we carry an album closer to what you desire. If it is able to be customized you may request that album by email instead. (Be sure we have your contact info if we need to ask you questions.)
  3. If you wish to add Custom Embroidery, fill out the form fields you will find on the order page, if not leave those blank. Please be sure of your spelling, and capitalize it exactly as you wish it to be embroidered.
  4. If you would like you can select a font from our font list* otherwise we will choose for you what we think looks best.
  5. Add any extras available for the album if you desire, such as refill pages, mounting tabs, or glue sticks, etc. There are usually links to these extra items at the bottom of the order page, otherwise you can check out the Accessories section of our Store.
  6. For any other instructions about your album, please leave those in the “Customer’s Instructions” section on the fabrics page.
  7. Once your complete order is in the shopping cart, you can checkout!  You can order multiples of an album, or choose a whole separate design for a second album.
If we have any questions about your order we will email you at the email provided when you checkout.The hard part… You wait, while we strategize, design, craft, and in general make your album just plain AWESOME! (General wait time is about 3 if you have a deadline.) See our F.A.Q page first for any unanswered questions including special order wait times and THANK YOU for your order!
* Additional charges will be added for embroidery work, visit custom embroidery to see those costs.

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